Ever wondered why all spas you stumble upon have a distinct setting? Why they have a completely different arrangement than what you’d encounter otherwise. Yes! You are right on track. They try to artificially imitate environments that have a soothing effect to relieve you of your stresses. Wait… Did we just say artificially? If that’s not your style, here’s a thought you might like. How about immersing yourself in the gigantic magnificence of the ocean to naturally calm your senses? The serenity of the ocean blended with a spa-setting is actually all you need to revitalise your mind, body and soul. With Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Spa & Fitness at sea, enjoy a relaxing experience like never before. Of course, the added advantage that you’re on holiday and will soon be visiting some of the most picturesque locations in the world can be given due credit for you feeling more rejuvenated from the onset! But if you need more reasons, read on…

celebrity Cruise SpaNatural Calming Effect of the Ocean:
It has been proved that people who live in the vicinity of the ocean are calmer and more creative. The ocean is believed to put an individual in a mildly meditative state characterised by peacefulness, which is highly desirable for a spa treatment. Take advantage of this natural phenomenon onboard Celebrity Cruises as you walk in for your spa therapy and have the sparkling azure waters to look at and calm down your senses. Look outside at the vastness of the ocean while aromatic oils and expert masseurs help you unwind inside the state-of-the-art spa.

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Canyon Ranch SpaClub:
Give your body an evolved spa experience with the Canyon Ranch, the award-winning health spa resort line. If you want to feel special and truly pampered, this is the very spot on the ship you want to head to! With towels, robes, slippers, and refreshment already waiting for you, indulge yourself in massages, bodywork, skin care, and other tranquilizing treats for your body and feel the stress of your daily life wash away. Experience the elevating effect of exclusive Signature Treatments such as the ‘Seaweed Massage’ and the ‘Fire and Ice Manicure’. Heal your body with the detox wrap and let the rhassoul clay soak the impurities from your skin.

Canyon Ranch SpaclubAcupuncture:
Experience the age-old, time-tested technique that is beneficial for the treatment of a variety of ailments in humans. From motion sickness, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, migraine, and tension headaches to asthma, tendonitis, and fatigue, acupuncture is the ultimate cure. The treatment provides its practitioners a physical as well as spiritual encounter and also balances the “Chi energy” of an individual. Rejuvenate your senses with this ancient marvel called acupuncture aboard any of the Celebrity Cruises’ ships.

acupuncture in Celebrity CruisesExpert consultation:
Consult a wellness professional at sea who will guide you to your perfect workout, detox, and diet plan. To add to the joy you are experiencing after your rejuvenating visit to the spa, pump yourself up further with fitness activities such as yoga, Zumba, spinning, indoor cycling, cardio, stretching… you’re on Celebrity Cruises! Through the calming billows of steam to the overpowering tranquillity of the ocean, get onboard Celebrity Cruises and enjoy a one-of-its-kind spa-cation. Celebrities don’t settle after all!

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