Going on a cruise ship can be exciting beyond words, and that is exactly why we are revealing to you the secrets of the cruise, specifically for your family experience. It’s tipped to be the most informative guide for your adventure onboard the.

  1. Unpack & store suitcases:
    So when you stay onboard, it’s just like home. Get in and unpack. Choose your spot and store all your clothes and gear. You can stash your empty suitcases under the bed and ask our attendant if you need more space.
  2. Free Room Service:
    We know your attention has spiked seeing the word free, but it is true. Coffee, snack, anything under the sea (no pun intended) just call room service and have your order delivered at your door step.

    *Note: There is a charge for late night room service. So munchies at 2am will be charged.

  3. More than just one entree:
    How many things can you try on the menu? Everything. You aren’t limited to one appetizer, entrée and dessert during dinner. Whatever the combination maybe – indulge in something new. Also, for your dietary restrictions ask for the special menu.
  4. My Family Time Dining:
    If you have children between the ages of 3 and 11, you can take advantage of My Family Time Dining. Register for the program and children will receive their meal within 40 minutes of being seated during first seating time.

    Children will then be taken to Adventure Ocean for evening activities while parents enjoy a leisurely meal together.

  5. Watch the parade:
    If you thought parades are a land thing, you are very wrong. In your Cruise Compass, the location and time of the parade will be mentioned. Look out for it. It isn’t just for kids, it definitely is worth watching.
  6. Appointment Away:
    When you want to visit the spa or take a fitness class, make sure to sign up the first day to ensure you get your desired slot. Also remember that sea day appointments will fill up fast. Wait for port days to get spa treatments for the best deals.
  7. Become a Crown & Anchor member:
    Once you have completed one Royal Caribbean cruise, you can sign-up to become a Crown & Anchor member. Sign-up online, on the ship or by phone. The exclusive benefits vary based on your membership level, i.e. the number of times you have cruised with Royal Caribbean. They include cruise savings, on board amenity offers & special on board events. Higher tiered members also get priority check-in which can be a great time saver.
  8. Open balcony dividers if you have adjoining rooms:
    Are you traveling with friends or family and have adjoining rooms? Ask your stateroom attendant to have the balcony divider removed to increase your balcony space. This is not possible on all ships, but it never hurts to ask if it’s permitted (or possible) on your ship.