Hong Kong, is a perfect blend of the urban and rural, the East and the West, and the modern and the traditional. The beautiful city with it’s the iconic skyline and the luscious food, makes it every traveler’s dream destination and every cruiser’s paradise.

Hong Kong

A cruise from and around it, is a breathtaking spectacle at every step. The Victoria Harbour and the Pearl Of The Orient shall blow our mind like never before. These places are full of eccentricities, beholding charming sights such as little birds hanging in wooden cages all over the town, the Yeun Po Street Bird Garden, the Victoria Peak, the Madam Tussads and the Sky Terrace. All this coupled with the yum cha, a combination of the famous Chinese tea and the Chinese dim sums, will make sure you go gaga over everything you do.

Hong Kong

And just in case, you are an adventure lover, you can hike your way to the Lantau Island and the MacLehose Trail in the New Territories or you could savor a game of golf. You can visit some of best public spots on earth in Hong Kong.

Luscious Food in Hong Kong

But oh wait, if all this wasn’t enough to spring you into action, we’ve got a lot more for you. We’re sure you might be wondering what is so special about cruising around Hong Kong. If its shore excursions to the best tourist destinations in Taiwan, Veitnam and Thailand, wasn’t enough, trotting to these destinations the sea way, shall give you the best of both, the sea and the land. It won’t just take you to the right destinations but also make you an accomplice in seeing some of the best sights of the sea.

iFly On the Ovation Of The Seas

What about the destinations? What about the experience? Cruising opens you to a plethora of luxurious and relaxing activities, that are bound to leave you swooning and falling in love with life all over again. Ships with features such as the north star, a 300 feet capsule that lets you take a 360 degree view of the sea, the iFly, palate dazzling food, spas and solariums, make sure that you relax and enjoy at the same time.

Ovation Of The Seas