Russia and the Scandinavian countries are one of the best places to have novel experiences in the world. From the multi-cultural lifestyle in Belgium, the real artworks of great masters stored in the national Museum of Denmark to standing under the ‘Bronze Horseman’ in St. Petersburg, all of these places are iconic in their own right. A 14-day cruise of this region onboard the Celebrity Eclipse, one of the latest and most well-equipped ships of Celebrity Cruises, which has been adjudged the best premium cruise line in Europe, promises to include all these, and many more such experiences for an extremely memorable adventure of a lifetime. Leaving on the 30th of July 2017 from Southampton, England, the cruise heads straight for Bruges in Belgium. A prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO, it is a city filled with canals and is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North.

Celebrity Eclipse

Moving forward, the cruise passes through the beautiful destinations of Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn in Estonia to reach the historical and the largest city of St. Petersburg in Russia. To the cruise guest travelling through Europe for the first time, these places would unravel destinations that are the epitome of unparalleled beauty and serenity. Be it the 19th century amusement park in Tivoli Garden or the statute of the Little Mermaid, the iconic characters created by Hans Christian Anderson, Copenhagen has a plethora of places with historical and geographical importance.


At Stockholm, travelers can witness the Nobel Museum or have a great time at the Grona Lund theme park, enjoying the rides and the live shows. Coursing through the peaceful St. Nicholas Church in Tallinn, the cruise finally stops for a double overnight at St. Petersburg, the city whose every lane is a page from the chapters of mankind’s history. Whether you are mesmerized by the Royal Hermitage Museum or the Winter Palace, the architecture and scale of the city inspires awe in every tourist onboard the cruise. With Celebrity Eclipse’s double overnight stopover at St. Petersburg, travelers will be able to enjoy the city in its full glory and minutest detail. Furthermore, the cruise now cuts through the icy ocean waters to reach Berlin, that cradle of human civilization which saw so many historic events

St. Petersburg


Celebrity Eclipse, the cruise ship which undertakes this voyage, is one of the most contemporary and luxurious ships in the Celebrity Cruises fleet. From the peace of the library to the glamorous bars and parties, live shows and entertainment in theater to the view of the sea on the deck, the ship provides a spot for every kind of mood. Just relax at the poolside with a fresh frozen cocktail from Slush or enjoy great comfort food at Gastrobar with wine at Cellar Masters, Celebrity Eclipse will ensure that even going back to sea from the beautiful destinations is not a difficult choice at all!

Celebrity Eclipse’s 14 night Scandinavia and Russia cruise departs on the 30th of July 2017 and returns after 14 nights spent on the open waters of the Baltic Sea. So visit the land of the fabled creatures of the Scandinavian folklore and walk through the roads of St. Petersburg and Berlin, and do all of this in ultimate style, only with Celebrity Cruises.

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