When you think of vacations, you often start Googling great destinations where the weather is pleasant, the views are spectacular and the food is delicious. You then look for hotel options to book a comfortable stay for your family. You do your research on great places to eat and draw up a plan for sight-seeing. But what if all this comes together for you in ONE vacation without you having to do any planning at all? And not just that!  What if your vacation entails a cruise with unparalleled views of the sea and great on-board activities which are on par with the most alluring cities of the world? All this comes true aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas which takes you on a memorable cruise from Singapore to Thailand and back.

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When you board the Mariner of the Seas, the first thing that blows your mind away is the stunning view of the deep blue sea. The top deck seems like a place where you can spend all day and all night just gazing at the horizon as the mammoth vessel steers past the wind and waves. You then notice how well-done the interior of the ship is. With fantastic amenities like a casino, a pool, a spa, some cool bars with the finest live music, a sports arena, an auditorium, and… wait for it… AN ICE RINK! That’s right. You can take ice-skating sessions during your stay on the Mariner on the Seas and also be amazed by a stunning performance by international ice-skaters on the final day. The auditorium hosts scintillating musicals and orchestras while the fine-dining restaurants – Windjammer Cafe and Giovanni’s – serve some of the finest cuisines from all around the world. And then of course there is your splendid room with a nice little balcony overlooking the sea where you can sit for hours with your beer and your pizza and watch the changing colors of the sky as you embrace the cool breeze.

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While it is impossible to get bored of the several activities onboard, the good folks at Royal Caribbean also take you on an excursion to Phuket on the third day with a schedule full of thrilling activities including a visit to the mesmerizing Karon beach and the famous Simon cabaret. All-in-all, the 5-day cruise gives you way more than your regular, hotel-plus-sight-seeing tour packages. After all, where else can you have so much fun, do so many things, make such beautiful memories all while you are in the middle of the sea? Forget the conventional holiday itineraries. Give this Royal cruise a try. You won’t regret it.

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