Going on a cruise ship can be exciting beyond words, and that is exactly why we are revealing to you the secrets of the cruise. It’s tipped to be the most informative guide for your adventure onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruises.

  1. Bring Walkie-Talkies:
    When in a group, coordination is absolute key. But cellphones don’t care. So when onboard you will feel modern and archaic (communication method) at the same time.
  2. Exclusive Pool for Adults:
    Even though there is water surrounding us, the swimming pools are the most crowded spots on the ship. Sunbathers and others love our lounge chairs, so let the kids play in the Adventure Oceans while you get place here. Post 3pm would be an ideal time to take your kids for a swim.
  3. Port Day Tricks:
    How about you experience the entirety of the cruise without any hassle when everyone else is out on land. If you think that relaxation is the most important thing for you, chill onboard and experience services with absolutely no waiting time.

    Depending on how long we dock, you can get the best of both worlds. Stay on the ship in the morning then disembark after lunch. Once the other guests have had their fill of the port, you can set off to explore – crowd free.

    You can also find better shopping deals later in the day. If you’re at a port where bargaining is common, you’re more likely to get the best price when sellers know it’s their last chance to sell merchandise for the day (don’t tell them we told you)

    Just don’t miss the boarding time! The ship will NOT wait for you!

  4. Set an alarm on your phone:
    Staterooms don’t have alarm clocks and since you would love to be on time for the activities we have onboard for you – set an alarm on your phone. But even if you aren’t a big fan of alarms on the phone- pack a travel clock.
  5. Arrive the day before your cruise departs:
    Your holiday is – experiencing a cruise, but if you miss it there is no point of crying after. Plan to arrive the day before your cruise and stay in a hotel.

    Flight delays, cancellations, car trouble and other unforeseeable events actually have happened in the past, making cruisers either miss their cruise or barely make it to the ship in time. Don’t turn your holiday into a stressful one.