Perhaps you are like some people who start to fill their suitcases a week before the cruise, or like others who throw everything in the suitcase just few minutes before your cruise. Either way, there are stuff that you are allowed to take on the Royal Caribbean cruise, others that will not be allowed and those that are offered on board the cruise ship.

Here are the essential to pack for the Royal Caribbean Cruise that will make your vacation, enjoyable, memorable and comfortable.

Carry-on Bag

Make sure you have your small carry-on bag, this is very important because you will need this type of bag to carry your essentials. The carry-on bag is very essential to carry valuable items and all your travelling documents.


This is a cruise ship; therefore, you may need to check if you have packed all the T-Shirts that you may need, this will depend on the number of days you are going to be on the cruise.

Sun-dresses and blouse

Blouse and sundresses will be very important especially during the day, as there is a probability that you will want to bask outside on the deck and soak up the sun.

Bathing suits 

There is no way you will avoid spending some time lounging at the cruise ship’s pool, so a bathing suit, one or two will be very essential. The other pair will come in handy when the one pair is wet and you still need to enjoy the pool any other time.

Flip Flop

Be sure to pack your pair of flip-flops, because you will be hanging around the cruise ship and as it is quite an informal setting during the daytime, the flip-flops will be comfortable and you move around with ease.
Sandals are also a good option, and if you can pack both flip flops and sandal, then all the better..

Long Pants and socks 

If you plan on going ice-skating on board carry a pair or two of long pants and socks during the voyage. You will be required to wear this type of gear when going for ice skating for your safety and comfort.

Formal Dress Code

There are some occasions on board when the dress code is formal. So be sure to carry some formal attire. If you are a gentleman, then an evening suit or jacket is good, of course if you have a tuxedo then you are all sorted. If you are a lady, then a cocktail dress will be very elegant for a formal event that will be happening during the cruise.

Other essentials that are necessary are items such as the camera, swimsuits, and binoculars. Sunscreen is also very essential if you will be basking on the beaches or the deck on board. Apply and obtain your esta visas online and get ready to enjoy your unique voyage on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise.

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