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Harmony Of The Seas

The world’s largest cruise ship is packed with fun, the biggest boldest adventure yet, boosts of a long list of activities and off-the seat entertainment, a lot of which are firsts at sea. Be it the a sunny hour during the day or the wee hours of the morning, the ship is always abuzz with excitement and fun and umpteenth things to do.

Why Yes?

The biggest cruise ship in the world, the heralder of some off the sea entertainment and some firsts at sea, does not really need a couple of reasons to propel cruisers to get on-board.

Why Not?

The enormous number of passengers might make the ship a bit crowded, although the ship has been tactically designed to avoid congestion. Also you’ll be a tad bit disappointed if you are not a big fan of the Caribbean, since maximum itineraries of this ship cruise to the Caribbean. But its all worth it, to get on-board the biggest ship.


The pros supersede the cons and make this a must-have cruise experience.

Cabin Review

Out of 2747 rooms, each room has something peculiar about it, making sure that there is a wide variety of rooms, the ship surely has something for everyone. Compact yet comfortable and efficient, the cabins follow the same color scheme of grey and white carpets, with spurts of blue and silver hardware, the highlight is the 24 hour room service, a daily stateroom attendant for the Suites and the beautiful virtual balconies (floor to ceiling HD Tvs that let you witness what it is like outside making you feel like it is actually a balcony) in specific rooms. There are 43 cabin types, ranging from interior and ocean view to the amazing Sky Loft, Royal Loft Suite and family presidential suite. In case you want a great view of the Aqua Theater and the ship, you could go in for the AquaTheater Suite or if you want to experience luxury right in the middle of the sea, go in for something as stunning as the single Family Presidential Suite. Just in case, you are staying in the non-suite class, don’t forget to take your toiletries along.


The on-board activities take a leap beyond your imagination. To begin with, the big productions presented in the Royal theater and Studio B (an ice rink) such as the “Grease” and “1887” are a deep dive into exceptional broadway. To add to that, some extraordinary shows that take place at the AquaTheatre on Deck 6. Acrobatics, breathtaking dives, unbelievable stunts and high wire acts, light up your cruise vacation. You can enjoy in the Ice Skating Rink, the pools and solariums, the Zipline (a seven second ride from Deck 16 to Deck 15) and the flowriders. Specifically in the day you can also enjoy at the Puzzle Break Centre, play basketball, or enjoy a beautiful carousel on the Boardwalk. You can also play games such as Skee-ball and Whack-A-Mole at the amusement park on the boardwalk. The icing on the cake is the Ultimate Abyss, a 10 storey slide which is more than 44 inches long. In the night, you can try your luck at the Casino, laugh out loud in the late night adult comedy shows, dance to some live jazz or live DJs. It offers non-stop and one of its kind entertainment.


You’ll be spoiled for choices on-board the cruise, since there are a total of 20 bars, restaurants and lounges on the ship. While the free dining is in Main Dining in Deck 3,4 and 5. But you wouldn’t mind paying from your pocket for some sumptuous food. Just in case you need a break from the gaming, walk to the bar in the casino and celebrate or liberate or in case you are craving for Latin Style food, head to the Boleros or in case you want great beer head to the Boot and Bonnet Pub or the Rising Tide Bar. But something that you shouldn’t miss out on is the robotic Bionic Bar. Relish some Sushi at the Izumi Hibachi and Sushi Lounge or savior some Mexican at Sabor or the luscious steaks at the ChopsGrille, RCI’s signature steakhouse.


The list of innovations on-board is pretty long and the Ultimate Abyss and Bionic Bar top that. The Bionic Bar is the first robot powered bar on a cruise ship, where you place your order on tablets and can view the live updates on the progress of the drinks. Tech at its best it is! Refining adventure and thrill is the tallest slide in the sea, the Ultimate Abyss. 150 feet above sea level, it can send down 10 guests at a while at the speed of 9 miles per hour. The Escape the Rubicon, an immersive escape room game where guests have to work together to solve a mystery is a breakthrough activity to do in the sea. To add to that, that Splashway Bay, an aqua park with canons, waterfalls, a massive drench bucket is an innovation and indeed one of the best places to grab some family time.

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