When you think of a cruise, a lot of things come to mind – luxury, old world charm and of course, exquisite ballrooms. There are however, a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding these sailing creatures that need to be addressed, ranging from how much people think they cost to whether the food is fresh or not.

Here’s to debunking some common cruising myths.

Cruises are outdated

At first, I didn’t really know that cruises had moved with the times. Stepping into one was a game-changer though. They’re modern, sleek and refined to taste. The ships have interactive digital maps inside so finding your way around is a breeze. They’ve also got wireless data plans so you can always stay connected.

Cruises are for an older crowd

I thought only families with kids and older retired couples went on cruises. Yet again, I was wrong. There’s a whole variety of people from all ages and places on a cruise, and it’s great to meet most of them! Kids can indulge in video games and play areas, while the adults can soak in the hot tub, hit the nightclub or gamble at the casino. There’s movies for the elderly and photography sessions with famous characters for the kids. Not a single person is left out of the fun!

Cabins in cruises are all the same
Cabins in cruises are all the same

You can actually choose from a wide range of different cabins, depending on what you want. From rooms facing the sea, to other cabins that you would feel more comfortable keeping your kids in, there’s place for everybody. There are deluxe cabins that resemble the fanciest hotel rooms, and there are also rooms for other budgets that are fully equipped with everything you need. You could get a room with a fully stocked bar, a room with a sea view, even customise your bed preferences. Everything!

You can’t leave the ship in a cruise

The on board crew took great care of my shore excursion, providing a guide for me to do things ranging from swimming in white beaches to bird-watching. Suffice to say, you’re not confined to the ship.

Cruises can be dangerous

From hurricanes to the risk of falling overboard, there were a lot of things going through my mind. The crew in every ship is highly trained though, and safety is pretty much guaranteed. One of the 1st things after getting on to the ship is a safety drill where everyone is assigned an exit area in case of an emergency. There’s people with hand sanitizer literally everywhere, to prevent the spread of any germs, as well as loads of trained security personnel in strangely hidden corners. It’s smooth sailing all the way.

People get seasick on cruises

Most of the time, you won’t even notice the ship move beneath your feet, thanks to the gargantuan size of the ship itself, and the mass. While you may get seasick in rough waters, it probably won’t happen often.

You can’t cruise alone

Completely false. Most cruises have specific events and mixers especially for solo travellers, plus it’s pretty easy to meet people on a cruise. Hit the bars or the clubs, play some of the games, you’ll find someone sooner or later to hang with.

Cruises are unbelievably expensive

The food you eat, the place you stay at and the experiences you have actually warrant a lot more than what the cruise I went on, and in fact most cruises, cost. Packages are usually the same as what a vacation would cost, and include so much more. There’s a huge variety of free food and non-alcoholic beverages available around the clock. All the shows, be it magicians, world class dancers, screenings of the latest movies, or even full fledged musicals, are all included. It sounds unreal, but it’s true, and it’s magnificent!

The food on a cruise isn’t fresh
Cruise ships store and prepare hundreds of pallets of food into thousands of meals, which are all inspected in the morning to make sure it’s all fresh. The food is kept in storehouses of differing temperatures, based on the kind of food. Royal Caribbean, for instance, has head-counting cameras in the ceilings of its main dining areas that tally when and where passengers move, so they can anticipate peak serving times. It’s all very efficient and fresh.
Cruises are too long

In reality, there are cruises that go around for months on end to short cruises that can last for less than a week, something that is attracting younger crowds who want to experience the cruise life but also have other obligations on ground. If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining and exciting holiday, then there’s nothing like a quick and luxurious 4-day cruise around the weekend to relax, unwind and recharge.


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