What are the finest cruise dreams made of? Think state-of-the-art suites, finest wine and dine choices, service that will spoil you silly, activities to fire up your schedule, shopping expedition at sea, bespoke excursions and (much) more. Winner of the Best Premium Cruise Line title for eight consecutive years at the Travel Weekly 13th Annual, Celebrity Cruises has created an unparalleled benchmark in the field of luxury travelling. Unraveling, 10 reasons this coveted cruise line will bring out the celeb in you.

Sky Suite Cruise Ship

Get high on life (so what if it’s not a flight? You have first-rate wines and more!)

With a wine collection featuring over 400 choices especially brought to you from the wine producing regions of New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal and South America, every sip becomes an inimitable experience. Enjoy fine dining along with a wide-range of finely blended cocktails for a sublime gastronomic e xperience.

beverage celebrity cruises

Food, Glorious Food

Incredibly delectable global cuisines carefully crafted by top chefs to make every meal an experience worth remembering. Relish the flavours of the world in every bite.


Where’s the party tonight?

Well, it is at Celebrity Cruises every night. With world class bars including a snazzy, totally cool ice- topped bar and a casino to test your luck, a rendezvous with them is a never-ending party.

casino celebrity cruises

Fill up your senses

Relax and rejuvenate yourself at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club at Sea- one of the world’s leading spas and wellness brands- that has partnered with Celebrity Cruises to bring to you the finest wellness experience.

canyon ranch spa celebrity

Ultra-hands-on Service

Cold towels after a day at the beach? Done. Your preferred drink handed to you when you sit down to dinner? Done. With one crew member to nearly every two guests Celebrity Cruises’ staff prides itself on knowing what you want, a nanosecond before you even knew you wanted it.


The Shopaholic Test

You will be spoilt for options! From Michael Kors boutique, upscale piazzas to a one-stop innovation stores that features all high-tech electronics including iPad, iPod, Macbook etc, you will never face the want of something.

activities on cruises

For the young and lively

Celebrity Cruises has activities designed for people of all age groups including toddlers and teens such as Toddler Time for kids under 3, Fun Factory for kids 3-11 and X club for teens besides other activities.

fun activities

Once-in-a-lifetime Cruise Experiences

Imagine sailings that coincide with iconic world events as Carnival, the Cannes Flim Festival and British Open. Or soar, dip and circle in a classic de Havilland seaplane for a birds-eye view of five stunning Alaskan glaciers. In fact, Celebrity Cruises is the top-rated Premium Cruise brand for Europe and Alaska, where many more delightful experiences await you.

europe celebrity cruises

Aesthetically-rich rooms

The state rooms on Celebrity Cruises have been artfully done, taking care of every intricate detail and combining the best of comfort, luxury and fashion. They offer enormous, well-designed suites and connecting cabins that can accommodate the entire clan.

Suite Stateroom cruises

Unleash the Hedonist

Experience the best live entertainment at sea including awe-inspiring theatre shows, ballet performances and an amazing British rock scene.

theatre shows

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