The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences.
-Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild, 2007)

Alaska, the largest and most sparsely populated state in the US, is known for a unique enigmatic spirit that permeates throughout the land. Diverse terrain of open spaces, mountains and forests, exotic wildlife, diverse outdoor activities, it is at once an adventure lover’s heaven as it is a solace seeker’s paradise. This unique mix is probably the reason why the state has been so extensively featured in popular culture, yet the enigma of Alaska never fades.

For curious explorers looking to experience the best of Alaska in the most comfortable manner, cruising is definitely the ideal option. Flying is a time-consuming and cumbersome option due to weather fluctuations and a long travel time. Cruising on the other hand, is a highly convenient alternative that offers unprecedented views while taking you to places in Alaska unparalleled in their beauty. Here are 5 reasons why a cruise trip to Alaska might be an unforgettable experience, offering a window of limitless experiences to every cruise aficionado-

1) Convenience and Comfort
Due to its solitude, Alaska can often be difficult to navigate for those looking for comfort and convenience in their journey as well. Many areas of Alaska are not reachable via car, and to enjoy these places without compromising on the comfort aspect, cruising is the best option. Also, cruise liners such as Celebrity Cruises offer many itineraries throughout the Mid-May to Mid-September season onboard the most luxurious ships. Cruise trips ensure the ideal atmosphere where guests can revel in the awesome landscape of Alaska without any hassle.

Sun Rise Hubbard Glacier
Sun Rise Hubbard Glacier

2) Great photography opportunities
Alaska is a treasure trove for nature photographers. Whether it is the epic moment of a glacier calving or encountering a grizzly bear family, Alaska offers incredible clicking opportunities for photography enthusiasts. However, in order to get the best seats in the house, cruise ships are the ideal bet. The best cruise liners take you to the most difficult spots, such as Yakutat Bay or the narrow Disenchantment Bay, where massive chunks of ice crush into ice-cold waters.

3) Unique shore experiences
Cruises appeal to travelers who want to have the best of in-land as well as at sea experiences. From being surrounded by whales, harbor seals and otters at sea to indulging in a plethora of outdoor adventure activities such as skiing, mountain biking and kayaking; the diversity on offer at an Alaskan cruise trip is unparalleled. Also, excursions to places such as Denali National Park, which has North America’s tallest mountain and the breathtaking scenery of Kenai Fjords National Park, are offered as a part of shore excursions in many cruises.

Ovation of the Seas, Alaska
Ovation of the Seas, Alaska

4) Ideal for travelling with family
An isolated space such as Alaska can often be difficult to visit with the family, even if everyone wishes to do so. In such a scenario, a cruise ensures that every member of the family is taken good care of and experiences a substantial part of Alaska without taking unnecessary risks. Also, cruise lines such as RCI have a vast amount of onboard entertainment activities for every age group, which keeps the entire family happy. Many of these activities help families to bond together and enjoy the unique beauty of Alaska all the more. Shared experiences only enhance the memorable feeling places such as Alaska leave on travelers!

Activities for Family in Alaska
Activities for Family in Alaska

5) Entertainment, food and adventure opportunities galore
The quietude and overwhelming natural beauty and serenity of Alaska can get overwhelming after a while. Thus, to ensure guests looking for opportunities to party do not miss out, cruise ships offer the best partying and dining opportunities, along with entertainment options such as Broadway shows, live music, menu prepared by celebrity chefs and so on. A cruise to Alaska is a never-ending ride in itself, the beauty on land can only prepare you for the surprises that wait for you on the ship. So, hop on to a cruise to Alaska and explore a land where the air in your lungs and the land beneath your feet still feels new!