A small group of resplendent islands with scenic landscapes, aqua-coloured seas, and beaches boasting white sand peppered with intense serenity. Picture the Caribbean? Let’s narrow it down for you. Add a breadth-taking blend of Romanesque-Moorish-Baroque architecture along with a distinct sense of history in the air. Yes, it’s Cuba that we’re talking about! Don’t just get ready for a vacation this season, get ready for a revolution, as you travel to the land of revolutionaries itself. Here’s our pick of 6 reasons why you should sail to Cuba:

Life-changing experience:
Embark on a journey to the land that is home to some of the most powerful and popular personalities in the global arena. Travellers from all parts of the world come to Cuba on the trail of young Che Guevara, a figure whose influence can be judged by his iconic photo pervading all of pop culture. Get a chance to witness a first-hand life-changing experience in this land of revolutionaries.

Cuba World Heritage Site

The Cuban Heritage:
A relatively small-sized Cuba is home to numerous heritage locations and tourist attractions. Apart from its sensational sugar-white beaches, it includes 253 protected areas, 257 national monuments, 7 natural biosphere reserves, 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as 13 fauna refuge. Also, despite its small size, the country has one of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world.

Cuban Heritage

Tourist hotspot:
The Caribbean, famous the world over for its balmy beaches and white sand, is also home to alluring Cuba. With restricted entry of international tourists to the country a little while ago, the tropical paradise has been witnessing record-breaking tourists in the last few years with relaxed regulations. Travel to the tourist hotspot and revel in a sense of excitement with your peers.

Beach in Cuba

Fabled Cuban Cigars:
Made from premium quality home grown tobacco, Cubans are pretty serious about their Cigars. The country also has a direct government regulation that makes it mandatory to produce well made, properly rolled cigars without flaws and imperfection. No doubt its cigars are popular and highly reputed across the globe and tourists love to smoke the real McCoy when in the Land of Miracles.

Cuban Cigar

Exotic Cuisine:
Deriving its influence from Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisine along with Native American Taino food, Cuba offers the most eclectic blend of gourmet delights to satisfy your taste buds. So, go grab a tasty Cuban sandwich ‘Medianoche’ or dig into the delicious Cuban-styled chicken stew as you cruise to this wondrous country.

Cuisine in Cuba-havana

The thrill of cruising:
Don’t miss the fact that cruising to Cuba comes with the privilege of travelling in the resplendent and newly revitalized Empress of the Seas which will be sailing to the Caribbean country for the first time ever. Enjoy curated people-to-people experiences created to immerse vacationers in the natural beauty of Cuba, its architecture, cuisine, music and art. The vibrant culture will extend to Empress of the Seas, from cortaditos and café con leche in Café Royal to salsa music, guests will have a range of onboard activities developed to bring the spirit of the island to life during the entire journey.

RCI Cruise to Cuba-havana