We know that you know. But we have to know, that you know for sure. So, this is an article for you to definitely know the things you can’t carry onboard a cruise ship.


Ammunition and Firearms are a strict no, not even realistic replicas – because it’s something you are not allowed to carry anywhere, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The same does go with Sharp Objects i.e. Knives and Scissors – though personal grooming items are allowed (we do need to look dashing onboard)

Dangerous chemicals, Illegal drugs and substances – it’s in the word ‘illegal’ & ‘Dangerous’, we wouldn’t need to explain why you shouldn’t bring this onboard. Our grills have the fire to burn your hunger, hence you don’t need to carry anything that can generate heat or produce an open flame including – candles, flammable liquids, fireworks, electrical extension cords, hookahs, water hookah pipes, incense, coffee makers, clothes iron, travel steamers and hot plates. Many of you would be thinking about curling irons, hair straighteners and lighters – this is allowed, but if it looks like a gun – then definitely not.


You don’t need to burden yourself with sporting gear like baseball bats, skateboards, surfboards, hockey sticks, cricket bats, bow and arrows – we got you covered for any activity you want to do and no we will not take your spot on the team just because we have the gear to play with it. We keep the cruise 100% secure, so we wouldn’t need your aerial drone, martial arts gear, pepper spray and night sticks or even HAM radios.

Now, we know while travelling you would love to buy alcohol – we have no issues at all but any shopping done will be given to you on your last day of sailing. We have enough alcohol, you don’t need to worry – drink to your hearts content.


Remember that you are coming onboard a cruise for a holiday. Experience, enjoy, relax, rejuvenate and feel at peace – let us handle everything else.