Isn’t it a dream to swim, dance, party, and spend your vacations at the most spectacular destinations
in the world? As the mercury soars, what’s more exciting than taking your clothes off and plunging into an oasis of cool water? We have an answer, doing so aboard
the world’s largest, most exquisite and astoundingly luxurious ship, Harmony of the Seas!

This summer, everyone is dying to taking their clothes off on Royal Caribbean’s grandiose new ship equipped with a 10-storey high slide at sea,
The Ultimate Abyss! Towering 150 feet above sea level at the aft of Harmony of the Seas, the abyss offers a whopping 100-foot drop. Guests will
twist and turn from deck 16 all the way down to deck 6, where they will exit on the Boardwalk. While sliding down the Ultimate Abyss, guests will
hit a speed of nine miles per hour. The multi-sensory experience will be accentuated with
spontaneous sound effects in every tunnel. An adventure like that will make anyone want to de-robe pronto, isn’t it?!

But Harmony gives you even more reasons to want to shed your sartorial trappings. Besides The Ultimate Abyss, it is the first ship to feature the Splashaway Bay,
an interactive aqua park for kids. This vibrant waterscape has sea creature water cannons, winding slides, a gigantic drench bucket and a multi-platform jungle-gym
to keep everyone entertained for hours. The Perfect Storm of water slides adds to the thrilling collection of activities for those who simply love being in water in the summer!
Spiraling five decks above the lushly landscaped, water slides Supercell, Typhoon and Cyclone come
together as The Perfect Storm, inviting travelers to slide into an incredible adventure.

Think we’re done? Well… there’s more! Put on some beachwear, grab a surfboard, and head towards the FlowRider surf simulator to ride the best swelled waves and feel like
a professional surfboarder. Stretch your legs on the onboard ice-skating rink.. Feeling exhausted? Get your heart rates pumping with Zip line onboard the ship? Fly 82
feet across the ship while suspended nine decks in the air. This latest fitness craze is perfect for adventurous cruisers.
You can also take a walk down the Central Park outdoor garden with best-in-line restaurants and shopping outlets.

Experience a culinary experience as vast and varied as dining in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. With Royal Caribbean’s Dynamic Dining the menu choices and flexibility
is greater than ever before. For those seeking fabulous wine and dine experiences, there is the dazzling bionic bar with robot-bartenders who whip up lip-smacking, premium-crafted
cocktails. New specialty restaurant concepts will provide even more variety for guests including Izumi Hibachi & Sushi, with a new teppanyaki menu, and the Sabor Modern Mexican
restaurant. The new Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine will give guests the chance to experience a unique culinary adventure for their visual as well gustatory senses. The diners
experience a new endeavour as they reveal their menu with a stroke of a paintbrush. Prepare yourself for a Disney-styled feast as Royal Caribbean chefs twist
their culinary kaleidoscopes in a whimsical setting that challenges the imagination with never-before-seen fare.