The Mariner of the Seas is a big ship. It takes 15 minutes to walk around the entire circumference of the ship; that’s longer than it would take you to walk around a regulation FIFA football field.

A fully-fitted cruise ship, it accommodates about 3800 guests and has multiple dining options to choose from. While you’re on board here are a couple of dining experiences you should aim for

Breakfast with a view

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There are two ways to do this. If you’ve got a sea-view cabin then place a room service order the night before. This way you can enjoy a private breakfast in your balcony with nothing but the sea, sky and clouds in front of you.

The next best option is to catch one of the many window tables at Windjammer Café, the ships complimentary multi-cuisine restaurant that’s serves breakfast and lunch. The advantage of Windjammer is that it’s an enormous spread, much better than you’re likely to find at any five-star coffee shop and you’re spoilt for choice. Pick a quiet table in the shade and just watch the blue waters go by.

For dinner you could try out the two speciality restaurants on board

Giovanni’s Table

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The Italian restaurant on the left of top deck has a fairly extensive menu of traditional Italian dishes and wines. What stands out in particular is the range of antipasti: we had a lovely mixed platter of prosciutto, salumi, grilled vegetables and cheese; the carpaccio di manzo with beautifully thin slices of raw beef with sun-dried tomatoes and a herbed olive oil drizzle, a soft foccacia della casa with potatoes and herbs and the mozzarella in carozza alla Giovanni made by baking mozzarella and prosciutto on ciabatta.

Chops Grille

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This is a classic American-style steak House which does some incredible beef steaks. They did one of the best 6-oz ‘petite’ filet mignon steaks in béarnaise sauce that I’ve had in a long time. The beef was perfectly cooked; pink on the inside, lightly seared on the outside.

When you don’t want to stand on ceremony or want a quick bite you can head to

Johnny Rockets

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 This classic American burger chain does wonderful old-school cheeseburger with a nice, thick juicy beef patty.

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