Micro-tripping is the buzzword in the travel sector currently. Essentially referring to the short getaways increasingly opted by professionals today to make the most out of their weekends, these short trips allow travelers to hit the refresh button before they again jump into work. However, the most enjoyable micro-trips are those that happen over the course of those cherished long-weekends. Probably the most loved e-mail on every professional’s mailbox, the ‘list of holidays’ sheet is checked intently to mark any 3-5 day long leaves.

But haven’t you always wished for that perfect weekend getaway where you could pack in the most experiences, landscapes, food, memories in the least amount of time? While excursions on land involve a lot of stopovers and delays due to transportation, looking for accommodation and other hindrances, cruises on the other hand, offer the best option for a hassle-free getaway, letting the traveler soak in a plethora of experiences while continuously enjoying the view of the vast seas!

This year, travelers can really go off the beaten track and choose from a list of grand cruises that are perfectly suited to give a range of unique experiences to enthusiasts looking to soak in the sea, the sky and tons of memories-

March 2nd 3rd 4th-Mahashivratri

3 Night Penang Weekend Cruise sailing on 1st March

Rock Climbing Wall, Voyager of the Seas
Onboard Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager of the Seas, unique flavours of Asia will be available in plenty for cruise enthusiasts to revel in this short and sweet 3 night exploration of destinations such as Singapore and Penang at Malaysia. This is the perfect time to visit Singapore as well as Malaysia, with a great climate to add on to the experiential delights on offer in these places. The Voyager of Seas is arguably the most popular ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, with adventure options for every age group, a chance to taste some of the finest global delicacies made by the best chefs, including Indian Veg curated especially for you by Indian Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar and award winning entertainment both on Stage and Ice which is unimaginable on a cruise.

March 21-24-Holi

Cruise options-4 Night Penang and Phuket/7 Night best of Japan/8 night Singapore to Hong Kong

Singapore Cruise Long Weekend

Take a leave on March 22nd, Friday and enjoy a 4 day long getaway in the lap of beautiful beaches, food and locales across destinations such as Penang and Phuket onboard the Voyager of the Seas. You can also enjoy the hustle of Japanese cities along with its quaint towns or head straight to the party destinations of Singapore and Hong Kong. A cruise vacation during the Holi weekend will undoubtedly make your holiday a colorful one!

April 13-21-Ambedkar Jayanti, Baisakhi, Ram Navmi, Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday, Leaves to be taken-April 15, 16, 18

Cruise options-4 Night best of Fukuoka, 5 Night Spice Route, 5 Night Kagoshima and Nagasaki Cruise

Fukuoka Tower and Skyline

A little bit of planning and you can probably have the best long weekend of 2019 completely free to enjoy across a variety of destinations onboard Royal Caribbean’s, Explorer of the Seas. From exploring Fukuoka, the ultimate coming together of history and modernity in Japan, to journeying across the ancient Spice Route ports of India which form a rich part of our legacy, there’s no limit to what you can do during these few days! You can also take the 5 night Kagoshima and Nagasaki cruise, and become an expert in the region’s many temples, castles and swanky shopping malls!

August 10, 11, 12, 15, 16-Bakar-Id, Independence Day, Rakshabandhsan

4 Night best of Okinawa/5 Night Fukuoka and Kagoshima Cruise/4 Night best of Fukuoka Cruise

Spectrum of the Seas
Spectrum of the Seas

The destinations of Fukuoka and Kagoshima really deserve the spotlight during the Independence Day-Raksha Bandhan weekend. With sailing dates on 11 August, 15th August and 16th August, these cruises can really amp up the festivities and serve as the best family getaway. Aboard the newest, largest ship in Asia Spectrum of the Seas, one of the most technologically advanced ship designed especially for Asian market. Cruising on it through a long weekend getaway will be just the reboot button you were looking for!

October 2nd-October 8th-Gandhi, Jayanti, Ram Navami, Dussehra

7 Night Best of Japan cruise

Take leave on October 3rd and 4th and have the ultimate vacation with a 7 night cruise through Japan that lets you explore the best it has to offer! Set sail from Shanghai, China and visit exotic ports of Japan with an overnight stay at Osaka and a full day halt at Tokyo onboard Spectrum of the Seas. From the sumptuous food to the amazing culture, Japan is a treat for the curious explorer looking to still find the essential goodness in humanity. It is amazing to see how a society has rebuilt itself after going through the worst ravages of war, to reach a level of peaceful existence which other countries are striving to achieve! Reserve a grand long weekend leave just to explore this journey of collective success!