From nearby hill stations, to beaches, resorts and foreign holiday tours, the Indian vacation horizon has spread to a great extent. Pushing this horizon further are cruise holidays, as the numerous state-of-the-art cruise lines from the world over have started visiting Indian shores. At the top of the list is Royal Caribbean International Legend of the Seas, which will port in Cochin on 8th March and in Mumbai on 10th March. These two cities will be the ports of call to the massive cruise ship with 11 decks, 6 pools, including whirlpools along with 8 bars and lounges! With an adults-only solarium equipped with a retractable roof, sunbathing would never remain the same after experiencing it here. Spas, rock-walls, mini-golf courses, Broadway shows and evenings immersed in the sweet sounds of chips and dices in the casino, Legend of the Seas comprises all this and more!

Gateway of India

Following the trail of Legend of the Seas, ships from popular cruise lines such as Azamara Club Cruises will be visiting India this summer, from 22nd April-12th May. Departing from Mumbai, the ship will cover destinations such as Seychelles, Maldives and Sri Lanka amidst other Indian cities such as Cochin and Goa. Throughout the year, including the winters, Azamara will be sending numerous voyages that will touch Indian shorelines and involve visits by the passengers on Indian lands. These cruises are equipped with state-of-the-art lifestyle and entertainment infrastructure and have proven to be some of the most popular cruise ships for Indian as well as global passengers. Following the epic arrival of Celebrity Constellation in Mumbai on a chilly night in December last year, luxury cruise lines have started making a beeline for the Indian shores.

The Indian government has opened up gradually to the concept of cruises and has now focused on improving the ports and infrastructure to ensure that cruise ships can easily port in the country. TIRUN is working diligently with government to improve cruise tourism in India. The government, which wants to make cruise tourism a viable exchange earner, has also decided to make specific ports dedicated to cruise liners. The introduction of e-visa has further helped to expand cruise businesses and the development of more cruise-enabled ports in the country. Even open-sea barriers are being worked around and removed to an extent allowing India to emerge as a major cruise hub soon. With efforts from the government and cruise liners, combined with India’s geographical advantage, the time is ripe for Indian shores to be teeming with shining, sparkling cruise ships filled with excited travelers.