There are some questions that will be constantly running in your head when you have decided to take a holiday. Maybe this is your first time cruising and you have queries, or you are a frequent traveler, but have some doubts. We have compiled a few questions to give you an idea of the details we cater to for your holiday to be absolutely perfect.


Pre Booking Jitters:

Is there vegetarian food available? Are requests taken for dietary specifics? Would there be baby food? Yes, Vegetarian food is available and All your specific dietary needs will be fulfilled.
What is your policy on Alcohol? Well basically, drink responsibly. But other than that you are allowed to carry 2 bottles of wine only per stateroom (750ml)
Where can I smoke onboard? There are designated areas on the cruise where you might make new friends.
Would I get sea sick? The ship is massive. You wouldn’t even realize the ship is moving. Though, if you feel anything you can take preventive medication from the clinic.
What isn’t included in the package/ what do I have to pay extra for/ what is not included in the cruise price? We’ve got you for everything else but 2 things – Water and Alcohol. It is simple, everybody has their own capacity – for either.
What are the kid services provided? 6 months and above kids (1-3 years) are chargeable for baby-sitting facilities. Children 3yrs and above can be left with us, as you take your shore excursion experience. These services are chargeable.
Is there ramp accessibility? There are wheel facilities to get on and off the ship. There are attendants on call who have to be pre-booked.
Would you assist with Visa? Unfortunately not. We will take you to and bring you from your destination – while you figure the paperwork, we will figure your experience.
Is there any onboard offers applicable? Yes. Do check the offer codes in the itineraries cost breakup. We know you love discounts.
What is the cost if I travel alone on a cruise? First off, we would advice against it because you will be paying 200% for the stateroom. A room is yours, there isn’t sharing system with random people. So why not convince someone else to join you too, you can add a guest later – at any point in time.
What if I don’t like my room? That is highly unlikely because we serve only the best to you, but if you don’t like it – you would have to talk to the ship authorities to see if there are any other ones available.
Why should I book early? We love giving preferences. So if you book early, we will give you special rates and rooms of your choice.
Can I hold bookings? Yes, for a deposit $100-450 till the date of free cancellation. After that you either pay the remaining full amount or you don’t get your refund back.
How much time do I get for shore excursions? You get about 7-8 hours to enjoy every aspect of your destination immersion.

Post Booking Jitters:

What is the dress code on-board? Essentially, you have to look your absolute best. But based on the theme of the day, you could dress. Some places onboard expect formal attire others casuals work.
Is there breakfast served on the last day? Yes. Breakfast for you is on us on your last day. One of the ways we say thank you choosing us.
I’ve made my payments, now what? You will get a booking confirmation and payment receipt. There will also be a link where you can constantly check on everything – including online check-in, bag tags and so on.
Cancellations We wouldn’t want you to miss out on a holiday of your lifetime. But if you absolutely must you can, but can’t transfer the tickets to anyone else. You can make correction to your spelling, if you get that wrong.
Free Cancellations (write up and rules for this would have to be more specific)
What can be done on special days – birthdays, anniversaries and so on? Well, we assume you coming onboard is to celebrate a special day during your holidays. So when the day comes, make sure to ask for special decorations, specialties, wines etc. (chargeable)