In 2015 -2016 Celebrity Cruises will up the Celebrity experience for its guest and introduce the bespoke ‘Signature Event Sailings’. This promises to be an enhanced experience, immersive in nature and will include different cultures and locales from across the globe from Europe, South America and the Far East.

This new ‘Signature Event Sailings’ program will allow guests on board to experience and take part in special events and celebrations like the Chinese New Year festivities in Asia, the Cannes Film Festival in France, the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro amongst others. It’s a unique opportunity for cruisers to explore and experience a particular destination and its culture. Special speakers will give guest lectures, unique shows will be staged, and activities planned around the particular event or celebration.

Some of the Signature Event sailings in 2015-16 to watch out for are Chinese New Year sailing from Hong Kong, the Anzac Day – 100th Anniversary Commemoration sailing that will be part of a 12 night sailing of Turkey and Greece in April 2015, with renowned historian Peter Donovan giving a recount of important World War 1 & 11 Events. Golf enthusiasts will love to be part of the British Opens on a cruise in July 2015 originating in Amsterdam with the presence of a golf pro and the chance to walk the famous St. Andrews old course.

Many more such treats and opportunities have been planned as part of the Celebrity Cruises‘Signature Events Sailing’ in 2015-16.