Imagine yourself in designer swimwear with the latest chic reflectors as you rest under an umbrella on the deck of an enormous cruise ship while sipping a cocktail. Does this image pretty much sum up your ultimate fantasy of holidaying like a celebrity? If you feel that this is a far-fetched dream, however, think again! With Celebrity Cruises, you too can vacation in a way that’s totally Instagram-worthy! Exquisite islands, powdery white sands on an endless beach, a ship appointed with the most indulgent amenities and facilities, these are just some of the ways in which you can treat yourself to a holiday that’s befitting a real VIP.

Celebrity CruiseBask in the Spotlight

Celebs love to be seen, heard, and taken care of no matter where they go. Experience a distinct celebrity-like feeling as you sail with Celebrity Cruises because the staff onboard will make sure every need of yours and every desire is attended to. With almost one crew member for every two guests onboard, you will be in the ultimate spotlight as they will cater to all your whims by knowing what you need, even before you need it. The Celebrity Cruises staff is quick to remember your preferences and serve you accordingly. Are you feeling like a celebrity already? Hold on, there’s more! You can even avail Celebrity’s European-style butler service in all suites. Enjoy assistance with packing and unpacking. Savour a full breakfast, lunch and dinner in-suite, if you want. The service is designed to take pampering to new heights and make you feel like you’re the only one who matters on your vacation.

Celebrity ExperienceBreak free

We love our celebs for the way they throw caution to the wind and live life on their very own, often flamboyant terms. Being impulsive is a trait that they carry off with unbridled panache. You too, can revel, in an exhilarating feeling of freedom with your Celebrity holiday. Indulge in an adrenaline rush like you never have as you accelerate along the thrilling switchbacks of the French Riviera in a thundering red Ferrari. Glide with the wind in a hot air balloon above the gorgeous Tuscan countryside as the Sun melts mountain mist. Soar, dip and circle in a classic de Havilland seaplane for a birds-eye view of five stunning Alaskan glaciers.

Activities in CelebrityParty like there’s no tomorrow

Have you always been in awe of your favourite celebs’ pictures on social media where they are seen partying in the world’s best rooftop bars and poolside venues? Now, you too can drench yourself completely into the party-like atmosphere that is all-pervasive on Celebrity Cruises’ ships.From Casinos to Vegas, Broadway and West End-style shows to interactive theme parties every night, with Celebrity Cruises you never run out of entertainment! So, move your body along with the grooves or test your luck with a spin of the roulette wheel, or perhaps head for more late night shopping. Everything is at your disposal to make your night as glamorous and exciting as you want it to be.

Celebrity Party
Look your best

If they ain’t fit, they ain’t a superstar! Stardom comes with a price, and who knows it better than a celebrity. Exhaustive workouts, running an extra mile on the treadmill, tiring crunches, one more rep! Behind the scene exertions are what add to their irresistible charm. But above everything else, top-notch equipment and best-in-class personal trainers are the highest priority for every superstar, even during their vacations. From well-equipped gyms to yoga classes and body sculpting boot camps, Celebrity Cruises meets all your needs to stay fit. As a reward for your workout, relax in the AquaSpa afterwards, one of the most luxurious spas at sea. What are you waiting for? Just ‘Get. Set. Sweat!’

Enjoy picture-perfect destinations of your dreams

Celebrities are rarely seen holidaying in average, humdrum locations. The most exotic landscapes and the plushest settings are what one associates one’s favourite stars with. Now you too can take your selfies at the most envy-inducing spots in the world. Feel like a pro-globetrotter and make your cruise sailing experience second to none! Snorkel with stingrays or relish a distinct ‘Taste of Paris’, enjoy balmy beaches of the Mediterranean or admire Renaissance masterpieces in Italy, explore the abundant beauty of nature in Alaska or spend your New Year’s eve in Dubai. When you post your snapshots on your favourite social networks, be assured that you’re going to have a fan following of your own!

Celebrity Holiday