Explore every port and experience its way of life with Azamara Club Cruises, known for creating offshore memories.

Destination Immersion

Fancy sailing to the Amalfi Coast rather than a day trip from Naples, cruising up the Saigon River to the very heart of Ho ChiMinh City, the city centre of Bordeaux, or within a short walk of Hong Kong’s buzzing party spots, with access to the city’smost exclusive members only nightclubs

Azamara Club Cruises prides itself in immersing guests in the culture of the placesthat their ships—Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest—sail to. “For most people, cruises are a way to get away from themundane, but some of our guests prefer to spend some quiet time on their own, even while on a cruise. During one of ourjourneys along the Amalfi Coast, a Spanish family of eight desired to spend a hot summer day on a private catamaran toexplore the sea on their own. We scouted and arranged for a Spanish-speaking captain to sail the vessel, and while onboard,they went snorkeling and pit-stopped on a quaint, unexplored beach for lunch. It is unique, unheard-of experiences like thesethat Azamara is known for,” says Larry Pimentel, president and CEO, Azamara Club Cruises, highlighting the company’s questfor creating bespoke destination activities for guests.

Miles ahead

While luxury cruise lines harp on the magnifi cence and grandeur of their vessels, making every effort to offer the higheststandard of service and entertainment onboard, they often end up being labelled as commercial hotels on the sea

AzamaraClub Cruises while offering these luxuries par excellence, leverages on the customised experiences it creates for every port ofcall. To the line’s advantage is size The vessels are much smaller than most luxury cruise liners, allowing them to sail into portsthat aren’t accessible to many others


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