Have you finally made the best decision of your life? To truly pamper yourself and your family and gift yourself the chance to bask in the unbridled indulgence that only a cruise vacation can offer? If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, we are proud of you! However, before you make your choice and narrow down on the luxury cruise trip of a lifetime, here are a few things you should definitely look into!

  1. The living experience: You will spend a majority of your cruise holiday sailing to the many destinations on your carefully-curated itinerary and the ship’s staterooms and suites can make all the difference to how splendid your holiday feels. That’s why you need to carefully consider how well-appointed and designed the suites are and what amenities you can look forward to. For example, Celebrity Cruises’ suites and concierge-class staterooms are an epitome of indulgence and premium luxury. Besides the stellar views, the suites offer you unimaginable luxuries such as a veranda fitted with your private whirlpool and a European-style trained butler dancing attendance to your every need. If you’re looking forward to unmatched exuberance, then these are the kinds of innovations at sea that you need to look out for!
  2. On-board adventure: One of the most outstanding aspects of any cruise holiday is the many fantastic at-sea adventures you can partake of. From bungee trampolines that are powered by Virtual Reality and let you defy gravity, to Observation Capsules that are suspended from a crane on the deck of the ship for unobstructed views of the sea, adventures on-board cruise ships can make up experiences of a lifetime. If the cruise ship you’re looking to book doesn’t offer any such adrenaline-pumping splendors, you’ll be best placed to keep looking!
  3. Skypad, Spectrum of the Seas
    Skypad, Spectrum of the Seas
  4. Where’s the party?: Popular culture has played a huge role in fuelling our imagination about the kind of rollicking parties that take place on cruise ships and for good reason. The best and most celebrated cruise brands in the world do offer entertainment options that can be barely matched by anything on land. So if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, seek out concert-style cabarets, leading-edge shows, destination bars with mixologists who can whip up any drink that you can imagine and robotic bartenders who can mix, muddle and stir up your drink and liven up your night!
  5. Bionic Bar, Quantum of the Seas
    Bionic Bar, Quantum of the Seas
  6. What’s cooking: No fabulous holiday can be complete without fabulous food. And some of the best cruise lines offer connoisseurs a culinary journey that they’ll probably never forget. From globally-inspired menus created by Michelin-starred chefs to novel creations from locally-sourced fresh ingredients, the gastronomical delights on board will surely leave you salivating for more. Besides the food, you can also look forward to out-of-the-world dining experiences: From casual cafes, the most upscale fine dining environs to interactive outdoor grills with ocean views, the choices on board can baffle and delight in equal measure if you take your pick wisely!
  7. Magic Carpet, Edge
    Magic Carpet, Edge
  8. Destination Immersion: Yes, the on-board experience is very important to a luxury cruise holiday but so are the on-shore immersive activities you engage in. Opt for cruise brands that offer a truly authentic feel of every place you travel to for unforgettable memories. Check out the itineraries carefully to ensure that the destinations that you’ll be visiting are those that interest you and make you sure you have enough time to fall in love with each one of them. Many award-winning cruise lines also offer itineraries curated around especially popular world events such as the Venice Redentore Festival or the Monaco Grand Prix. So if it’s a mix of luxury and some cultural stimulation that you’re looking for, such cruise holidays make a great choice!
  9. Monaco Grand Prix
    Monaco Grand Prix