Seas have always aroused a feeling of enigma. Unknown lands, lost treasures and an influence of a myriad of cultures, the sea, and the settlements near it, are full of stories that have enticed curious explorers on expeditions, the excitement of uncertainty being a steady companion.

In recent times, however, the sea has become much more than just a source of mystery. With a number of top-of-the-line luxury cruises and experiential journeys on offer, a journey on the sea can be found on the bucket list of a majority of people across the world. However, many cruise enthusiasts often find it difficult to plan out a cruise journey without any prior information.

Often, they might end up making rookie mistakes that can mar a long cherished trip to a harrowing experience. At sea, the ship remains your only point of contact for long durations, thus it is necessary to choose a cruise liner that promises to take care of all your needs, while providing enough options for entertainment, food, comfort, safety and leisure. Mentioned below are a few steps that cruise travelers should follow to make their first cruising experience a memorable one which ensures many more follow:

  1. The ship matters
    Arguably, the most important determinant of your first cruising experience is cruise line you select, and the ship you choose to set sail on. To make a choice among the available cruise lines, read up newsletters, enquire from previous travelers or do a quick Google search will give you a general idea of the facilities available onboard the ship. While shore excursions and destinations are fun, a significant part of your cruising holiday is spent onboard the ship. Hence it is important to choose one that offers an array of entertainment options, luxuries, comforts and amenities. Make sure that the brand you opt to go for is well-reputed across the globe when it comes to cruise deals, as this will ensure that your first tryst with cruising is an unforgettable one.
  2. Check your itinerary well
    First-time cruisers need to be extra cautious while zeroing in on a cruise journey based on a surface-level itinerary as those glossy leaflets can sometimes be extremely deceptive. They should talk to their travel agents and enquire in detail about the various destinations included in the journey and the time allowed on shore. They should also check whether the travel plans allow for some flexibility to travelers who want to spend more time on a particular destination and offer enhanced immersion. This can help a lot in making a choice from the cruise deals as well as the cruise lines available.
  3. 7 Night Far East Cruise from Singapore
    7 Night Far East Cruise from Singapore
  4. All-inclusive for more savings
    Cruises are conventionally thought to be expensive, but today there are a variety of packages on offer that offer a value-for-worth trip. Travelers should opt for all-inclusive packages and be on the lookout for special offerings, discounts, instant savings etc. They are perfect for bringing down the basic expenditure on your cruise, so that you can pamper yourself at the spa or opt for a grand dinner with the amount saved.
  5. Identify kid-friendly cruises
    Being on a cruise with kids can often be a difficult experience as they get bored very easily and bouts of sea-sickness can make them all the more cranky. It is always better to opt for cruise ships that offer an assortment of kid-friendly activities, gaming arcades or activity centers that can keep the child engaged. These fun spaces can also feature some great family activities such as treasure hunts or paintball to help strengthen the familial bond through fun and games.
  6. Youth Zone in Oasis of the Seas
    Youth Zone, Oasis of the Seas
  7. Choose the right time
    It is very important to check the weather in the places you will be visiting during the time period of your journey. Often shore excursions are shortened due to heavy rain, or even entire towns remain shut due to adverse climatic conditions. Therefore, considering the weather is extremely important to make an itinerary that guarantees maximum fun during your cruising holiday. Do note that this applies regardless of the location, whether you opt for cruise deals from India or Singapore or some other place.