Bollywood or Hollywood – a movie with a cruise ship has always had some love story to tell us. Beautiful views all around, blue skies and blue waters, lush of entertainment, thrills of adventures and relaxing spas – a cruise ship is nothing short of a honeymoon on water every time you are on it.

1) An amazing destination and an even beautiful way to it

Wedding on a cruise

The sea has always been the perfect spot for lovers, and what better than being surrounded by it every day. And this is exactly why innumerable Indians plan to get engaged or married on-board a cruise. Sounds off-beat and amazing? A cruise is a deep dive into destinations you wouldn’t normally explore, giving you the perfect chance of living some wow moments with someone who really love by your side. You can lean against the railing during the sunset or watch the dolphins frolicking as the sun goes down and the stars come up. The glaciers in Antarctica, the snow caped mountains in Alaska, the beaches in the Caribbean, the wildlife in Galapagos or the enrapturing Abu Dhabi, cruising is all about going to beautiful destinations. Magic, isn’t it? Well, who says cruises aren’t romantic?

2) Making memories like never before

A Romantic Excursion in Europe

Living through a variety of experiences, brings a couple closer than before, and isn’t that the purpose of a vacation? A cruise is all about this and much more. You can renew the vows of your marriage on-board the Azamara Club and Celebrity Cruises and get some amazing services such as a one hour free photography service, a champagne, a cake for two, matching boutonniere for the groom and a personalized certificate. Ceremonies are typically performed in a romantic location by a shipboard officiant. In case adventure is the very spice of your life, you can also go scuba diving, snorkeling and sledging during your shore excursions or swim, or slide down the mighty slides, bake and experience some broadway, or go ice skating as you celebrate your anniversary on a cruise. Getting on-board a cruise means taking back myriad memories, thanks to never ending activities that one can do on a cruise. Opt for the Classic, Deluxe, Premium or Professional Photo Packages on-board the Celebrity Cruises and experience a hue of every kind of romance you’d want. Ready to let go of all the apprehensions to experience all the thrill and adventure!

3) Goodbye responsibilities, hello fun!

Taiku Islands

A break from the typical humdrum life is the best thing about a vacation. Are we right or are we right? You certainly need a break from lifting the grocery, cleaning the crockery, cooking some dinner and take care of the kids. And this could be your chance to rejuvenate and refresh with your partner like never before. You don’t need to fret about packing and unpacking constantly. And the best part is, you aren’t going to see any fights around, all because of the never ending list of restaurants, bars and lounges on-board and the pre-decided itineraries. A cruise has something for every mood and taste. Well, who still says that cruises aren’t romantic?

4) Swimsuits and Tuxedos


Yes, you read that right. What is your mood like? Do you want to hit the pool, bask in the solarium or enjoy a candle night dinner by the sea hand in hand? The choice is yours because the stage is set, giving you a taste of every romantic thing you’ve ever thought about.

Oh yeah, how about a ball dance in the sea, right under the starry sky, head over heels in love. It’s a date night, every night! Well, do you still think, cruises arent romantic?

5) Make the most of your lazy and active days

Cruising on Celebrity Cruises

Don’t all of us just want to stay in bed all day and do nothing at all? Of course, all of us are overcome with such moments of laziness. And this could be your stellar moment on-board a vacation, wondering how? You can savior some breakfast in the bed, call for some in-room dining options, just sip your kind of coffee and get lost in the serenity of the sea or the exotic coastlines. To add to that, you don’t need to be decked up to enjoy. You can be comfortable in your skin and can make the most of activities such as the top chef, Zumba classes, private shore excursions for passengers or just stay at the observation lounges, right on the ship. All the fun in one place!

After all this, do you still think that cruises aren’t the perfect romantic getaways?

Don’t waste time ruminating, surprise the love of your life with the perfect vacation.

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