Sitting back home, reading this article, anyone in their right mind would find the idea of getting on a cruise to Antarctica, extremely bizarre. But you’re going to be amazed and absolutely intrigued to find out how you can witness experiences in Antarctica, no other destination envisages.
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Here are the top 10 things you can do on a cruise to Antarctica:

1)  Kayaking


Sailing through the cold water in a canoe like boat in the freezing cold surroundings, moving past the leopard seals, around the floating icebergs, paddling through brush ice with penguins jumping around. Sounds like quiet a picturesque scene, doesn’t it? That’s the thing about Antarctica, although it takes a lot of time to get there, but the experiences in this lap of nature are worth the effort.

2)  Zodiac Tours at Elephant Islands

Zodiac Tours at Elephant Islands

Watching the whales, glaciers and seals, specifically at the Elephant Islands is sure to make you love life all the more. And you know what! In case you see the whales or seals right beneath your boat, you can dive underneath for a closer view. Stay on the lookout for wildlife and do get off the ship to get a better view of it.

3)  Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge

This could be your opportunity to try the zaniest activity of your life. Taking a plunge into the sub-zero waters and getting back alive is a story you’d love to narrate to all your friends when you head back from your exotic cruise. Well, most of the people go out on a cruise with no intention of doing so, only to ultimately take a contrary decision to realize that this was the best experience of their life.

4)  Meet the Penguins

Meet the Penguins

One of the biggest highlights of Antarctica is the exuberant penguins and how their energy, calls to each other and constantly fidgeting with your hands, leave you amazed. The mothers protecting their baby penguins, the penguins’ trails of ice vanishing into the waters and their happiness on seeing humans make penguins the friendliest animals. Now, all this is something you can’t really see amidst the populous cities.

5)  Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Here comes, another creature known for its friendly nature. Imagine, being followed by a whale that is fearless, that, when sees you, comes near to grab a closer look. Whales in Antarctica are not hunted down, they are on the top of the chain here, which is why you can spot this playful creature, easily in their brightest spirits.

6)  Deception Island

Deception Island

How about visiting something eerie and beautiful at the same time? The Deception Island, which is one of the safest harbors of Antarctica also happens to be the site of an active volcano. It was an old whaling station. You can easily see the oil drums, boilers and whale bones. We’re leaving the rest up to you to see.

7)  Camping


How would it be to camp in the freezing temperatures during a pitch dark night beholding the scenery of beautiful stars twinkling right above you? Camp in a bevy sac right next to the snoring leopard seals in Antarctica.

8)  Photograph Icebergs in the Gelarche Strait and Schollart Channel

Photograph Icebergs in the Gelarche Strait and Schollart Channel

Of Course, how can one miss out the glaciers? Colorful ice that makes beautiful formations in the Gelarche Strait and Schollart Channel. A few spots also called the Graveyards, let you witness colossal icebergs in different shapes, all around, as this is the final stage before their breaking and dissolving into nothing.

9)  Cruising the Lemaire Channel and seeing the Paradise Bay

Cruising the Lemaire Channel and seeing the Paradise Bay

The Lemaire Channel (also called the Fuji Funnel, Kodak Canal and Afga Alley -Does that ring a bell? Well yeah, those are the names of three popular film brands) and the Paradise Bay (which is an embayment behind the channel and one of the only two harbors of the continent) are so spectacular in their beauty, showcasing a scene your eyes will never see or your camera will never be able to capture.

10)  Letters at the Port Lockroy

Letters at the Port Lockroy

Talk to the staff of the English Research Station, visit the museum here and play with the penguins. You can do all this here along with posting a letter to your loved ones from the famous Port Lockroy.

After all of this, would you want to miss out this opportunity to break through the monotony? Call out the adventure lover in you and set out to this unique continent, gorgeous and endearing in its natural form.

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